Impressive decoration
using steel sheet with design patterns

Brushed Wall® is a steel wall panel, the surface of which has a stylish design effect. You can use Brushed Wall® panels on straight or curved surfaces – both as small elements for effect and on large surfaces.
  Through its vibrant surface design, Brushed Wall® creates a fascinating 3D appearance and reflects light in an interesting way.
We provide a large choice of surface pattern designs. The panels are easy to fix and detach, thus making it possible to vary the look of the room.
Give your home a new look with cut-to-size panels.
Brushed Wall® is a Finnish design product, designed and manufactured by Hiomapojat Oy, from Orimattila, Finland.
The Brushed Wall® design has been granted protection in the EU.


Brushed Wall® – style for the home and public spaces

The durable wall panel is made of steel sheet and is suitable for kitchens, for example. Splatters and fingerprints are easy to remove simply by wiping. If necessary, a stainless steel cleaning agent can be used. With Brushed Wall® elements you can also brighten up the decor in living areas and the bedroom.

The magnificent Brushed Wall®, with its vibrant surface design, is ideal for public spaces. This elegant decorative element works well on a smooth surface and for curving around a column or other supporting structure, for example.


Convenient, vivid and durable Brushed Wall®

  • Durable 100% steel – 100% recyclable
  • Steel thickness 0.8 mm (higher thicknesses available)
  • Sheet size max. 1250 x 3000 mm
  • Delivered cut to size
  • Salt tested and easy to clean


Easy to fix with adhesive or screwed-in moulding, allowing for
easy to change panels later on.


1. Fit the panel before applying the adhesive.


2. Spread the silicone on the back of the panel.


3. Press the panel evenly onto the surface and let it dry
for 24 hours.


4. Remove the protective film.


5. The impressive Brushed Wall® panelling is ready.